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Healthcare & Medical
Software Development

We craft digital transformation for health together with our partners in the US, EU, and UK Healthcare.

For the six years, we have been developing solutions for best patients' outcomes, addressing the industry's standards and challenges.

Our Healthcare Services

Custom Healthcare Software
Regardless of whether this is a medical EHR software development project or the health app development services, we are ready to meet your requirements.
Complex System Integration
For Healthcare
Developing and integrating healthcare software might be a tall order to cope with, as it takes a lot of not only technical but also legal matters to scrutinize and analyze.
Administrative Task Automation (RPA): Smart Systems Development
Modern hospital software is all about taking care of patients by letting the doctors do their jobs more efficiently. We have embodied a number of administrative task automation projects within the NHS, including the provision of neoteric EHR and EMR APIs for our customers from the UK.
API Development and Integration with Medical Services
Efficient medical services of today envisage the need for having regulatory compliance software at their side. We do already have software projects, compliant with the NHS and FDA regulations, behind our back.

Following Health Security Standards
Every single health software development project at Ralabs is being conducted pursuing the regulations established by NHS, FDA, and HIPAA.
Keeping Sensitive Data Safe
Healthcare technology companies know how important it is to keep clinical safety and clinical security at a decent level and we are not an exception out of this rule.
Health and Medical Data Management
Modern compliance software healthcare solutions require an increased level of patient’s datum management. Modern compliance software vendors have to understand the needs of their clients regarding the neoteric EMR and EHR solutions.
Third-Party Penetration
The third-party penetration tests are a challenging part of security in the healthcare industry. We deal with them at regular intervals, thus ensuring the long-standing security of your business.
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Chief Technology Officer
Success Cases
Join the cohort of companies which have achieved their MedTech goals smoothly with our medical software development services
We developed Europe’s 1st mobile app for a non-profit organization from Germany preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Following extensive legal and tech research, we defined the protocol and the core technology to build the app on.
Healthcare Regulations
Ralabs is one of the HIPAA compliance software vendors that takes proper care of its clients’ projects both from the technical and legal points of view.

Whenever you choose to partner with us on any healthcare and MedTech project, you can rest assured that we follow:
Following NHS Regulations
The United Kingdom National Health Service takes proper care of its patients and personnel. Whenever assigned with an NHS project, the Social Care Act of 2012 and the Equality Act of 2010 undergo a thorough scrutiny by our team assisted by a Clinical Safety officer from NHS.
Following HIPAA Compliance 
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act represents the legislation that regulates every process in the healthcare industry of the United States. HIPAA risk assessment and HIPAA software requirements are always taken into consideration prior to the initiation of the project.
Following GDPR Regulations
Each and every project that we start working on in the European healthcare domain is double-checked for compliance with GDPR.
A high-level review of requirements and any technical procedures you have.
Advice on architecture and the UX side of your current or future business.
Help with the R&D plan.
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