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Junior Ruby Developer


Many books have been written about Silicon Valley and the collection of geniuses, eccentrics, and mavericks who launched the "Digital Revolution"; Robert X. Cringely's Accidental Empires and Michael A. Hiltzik's Dealers of Lightning are just two excellent accounts of the unprecedented explosion of tech entrepreneurs and their game-changing success.

But Walter Isaacson goes them one better: The Innovators, his follow-up to the massive (in both sales and size) Steve Jobs, is probably the widest-ranging and most comprehensive narrative of them all. Don't let the scope or page-count deter you: while Isaacson builds the story from the 19th century--innovator by innovator, just as the players themselves stood atop the achievements of their predecessors--his discipline and era-based structure allows readers to dip in and out of digital history, from Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, to Alan Turing.

Dedicated Recruiter


  • Ability to work on a legacy codebase, making slow and steady improvements to it alongside existing feature requests. While the team will have full control over the choice of a technical stack, the project is very far from being ready for bold changes. It is important the person isn’t easily frustrated by the codebase.

  • Ability to translate the complexity of the business domain into maintainable code.

  • Ability to troubleshoot memory leaks, performance issues, deadlocks at a database level, and sudden server downtimes due to bugs in Ruby code.

  • Project test coverage is 90% and improving. Strong knowledge of Rspec or similar is required.

  • Good written command of English. The client rarely initiates phone calls, but there’s lots of written communication by email, wiki, ticket tracking software.

  • Someone with a mature approach to deploying things to production that can affect data. This seems to come with experience of working on production systems. We are on a run of 8 years with zero data loss by the dev team.

  • Ability to react on results of security testing carried out by an external security agency.
Good to have

  • At least 1 years of previous experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

  • Experience with AWS.

  • Experience with Microservice architecture.

  • When working on a feature, able to communicate to the QA engineer potential affected areas or types of bugs to look out for. He/she understands their part in making sure the QA process is effective.

  • Has worked on production systems where he/she was responsible for the final code review and the consideration of how this affects existing data in the database, the deployment process, etc.;

  • Has basic knowledge of regular expressions.

  • Has basic knowledge of Unix-based systems (basic bash commands, concepts of users and permissions, ability to work effectively with log files via command-line, quickly assess if the server is under memory / CPU / IO load).

  • Ability to write emails that are concise, effective, and get things done.
We offer

  • Flexible working hours (full-time, 8 hours working day);

  • Comfortable office (B+ class) with unlimited car/bicycle parking space at cozy eco-part of the city;

  • Possibility to use a corporate Bolt for work trips;

  • Possibility to work remotely;

  • You can select a computer or/and a laptop that is most convenient for you;

  • Social package, including medical insurance, sports compensation, educational budget, free English classes, psychological training sessions;

  • 20 days of paid annual vacation;

  • 15 days of paid sick-leaves;

  • Having fun with your team is required. Team-building and corporate celebrations.
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Ralabs Having Fun

On the New Year’s eve, Ralabs people dealt with a secret mission - The Agents Party. All the details are confidential. :)
Anton, our first developer, was celebrating 5 years at Ralabs. He loves Star Wars and Jagermeister. Guess what was in the box?
We love to spend time together: whether it's a cozy pizza and movie night or an outdoor barbecue party.
If you are long at Ralabs, be ready that one day we will memorize your funny phrases and create some stickers with you.
The Programmers’ Day = The Donuts Day!
Take beer, sunglasses, and good vibes only, and let’s chill on our summer Hippie Party!
Work hard, play hard, have fun on the corporate parties. :)
Don't be surprised if, on Halloween, you will meet the colleagues with scary makeup, drinking hot wine, and carving pumpkins.
Some of our engineers were rock stars in the past. But occasionally you may hear a guitar or even contrabass sounds near you.
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