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Senior/Lead Angular Engineer

at Airline payment system project

We’re looking for an experienced Strong Middle/Senior Angular who is passionate about the stewardship and applying best practices and processes throughout the daily activities. The role requires a person with the ability to work on their own, or as part of a larger group to deliver best in class product with the airline operations industry.

Our client is the Dublin company, who provides Airlines with critical insights into productivity, costs and cost reduction opportunities in the areas of Crew, Network and Fuel Performance. The client provides Software Products and Consultancy to the Airline industry in Europe, Canada, North America, Middle East and Asia. The client's services are used by such airlines as JetBlue, Virgin America, Spirit and Jazz.

In excess of 40% of the operating costs on an Airline are tied up in Fuel, Crew and Punctuality related costs. Every airline in the world plans and budgets in a very exact way but very few airlines can identify specifically and in a timely manner why actual costs exceeded budget and how to go after these variances. Product provides detailed diagnostic analysis of these costs every day and every hour as the action happens - not through the rear view mirror weeks later when there is little opportunity to intervene.

Dedicated Recruiter


  • 3+ years of experience with Angular 2+ (we use latest version);

  • Strong fundamental software engineering skills;

  • Experience in JavaScript;

  • Understanding of PWA would be a plus;

  • Spoken and written English at least Upper-intermediate.

  • Developing applications from scratch by using latest Angular frameworks;

  • You will participate in personalization brainstorming and contribute innovative ideas based on your knowledge of web technologies.

  • Ability to effectively and professionally communicate with team members, to built together a great product;

  • Growing as a technical expert :).
We offer

  • Flexible working hours;

  • Comfortable office (B+ class) with unlimited car/bicycle parking space at cozy eco-part of the city;

  • Possibility to use a corporate Bolt for work trips;

  • Possibility to work remotely;

  • You can select a computer or/and a laptop that is most convenient for you;

  • Social package, including medical insurance, sports compensation, educational budget, free English classes, psychological training sessions;

  • 20 days of paid annual vacation;

  • 15 days of paid sick-leaves;

  • Having fun with your team is required. Team-building and corporate celebrations.
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