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Why Work at Ralabs

Ralabs was started by engineers who wanted to walk into the office and say “Hi” to everyone on the way to their workspace. Not just because it's polite, but because knowing every single person in the building. They wanted to create a hub where talented people can mentor colleagues, improve processes to make them more convenient, do productive work, and have fun together.

We’re on a mission to create an environment for engineering art amplification and inspire continuous search of nontrivial solutions together, for each business partner.
Our journey took more than 7 years and today Ralabs is still on the way to become a company with a growing team of like-minded people. But we are mature and experienced now. We do know who we are and how we want to run the business.
Build a team of top-stars engineers to become a life-time development partner for our clients
*and maybe acquire Microsoft one day :)
“One of Ralabs best achievements is the low turnover rate of the team”
Most of our senior engineers joined the company as trainees or juniors many years ago. This is something we are proud of, and team rotation will always be one of our key metrics.
We provide medical insurance, sports compensation, invite psychotherapists to talk about mental health and self-improvement. We train together weekly and take part in sports competitions.
Ralabs office is pet friendly and we`re glad to see your home monsters. No joke, our CEO has three cats and we think it's cute, we have snails living in the HR room and a little white dog called Booblyk as a common office visitor. So there's more that we are ready to share than just Jira tasks.
Keeping the transparency and sense of being "in one boat", we have a tradition to share the news from each of the company's departments on Monthly Digests. We also believe that all the team needs to know about the company’s strategic decisions, and we share them during the 1-1 meetings as well.
Instant Feedback
A culture built on freedom and qualitative cooperation turns into continuous professional growth of the people at Ralabs and helps us achieve business goals faster. We believe being fair is the key and it's ok to praise each other as well as communicate both positive and negative feedback. Improvement is not always easy and Ralabs people know how to react when they hear bad things — we fix it.
Long-term Relationships
You’ll never end relationships you are happy with. That's an easy rule. The hard part is to actually keep relationships in balance when both colleagues and partners are happy and the business of each stakeholder evolves. Being together for a long time always means trust and sincerity, especially with challenging tasks and decisions.
Knowledge Sharing
The experience stands not only on the years you've invested in working with technology, it's also the sum of knowledge gained by people you work with. It's about learning from colleagues and business partners. Even though we, at Ralabs, are engineers and logicians, we know that in some cases, one plus one would be equal to far more than two. This simple synergy rule is something we keep in mind when starting a new collaboration.
Being a part of a client's team is something we love about our work. We believe that team augmentation is the best environment for high-quality collaborative work. That's why Ralabs focuses on the technical and design empowerment of existing engineering teams. Focus on collaboration helps our company to be successful in the market. 150+ accomplished projects and the highest feedbacks’ rates from our partners form our understanding of what is valuable. Companies we work with consider Ralabs people as always ready to go the extra mile.
It's always We, not You and Us.
Check our Testimonials page to read more feedback.

Ralabs Having Fun

On the New Year’s eve, Ralabs people dealt with a secret mission - The Agents Party. All the details are confidential. :)
Anton, our first developer, was celebrating 5 years at Ralabs. He loves Star Wars and Jagermeister. Guess what was in the box?
We love to spend time together: whether it's a cozy pizza and movie night or an outdoor barbecue party.
If you are long at Ralabs, be ready that one day we will memorize your funny phrases and create some stickers with you.
The Programmers’ Day = The Donuts Day!
Take beer, sunglasses, and good vibes only, and let’s chill on our summer Hippie Party!
Work hard, play hard, have fun on the corporate parties. :)
Don't be surprised if, on Halloween, you will meet the colleagues with scary makeup, drinking hot wine, and carving pumpkins.
Some of our engineers were rock stars in the past. But occasionally you may hear a guitar or even contrabass sounds near you.