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Friends of friends are welcome. Our workspace, can become yours too!
Did you know? Since the beginning of 2021, 20% of our new hires were referred by their friends. We want and need more friends in Ralabs! So the internal Referral Program goes live! As we trust our colleagues, we trust their friends, family and network.

Now, anyone can introduce their classmate/bridesmaid/roommate etc., and get a lovely bonus. Simply open any position and find a “refer a friend” button.

Why Work at Ralabs

Ralabs was started by engineers who wanted to walk into the office and say “Hi” to everyone on the way to their workspace. Not just because it's polite, but because knowing every single person in the building. They wanted to create a hub where talented people can mentor colleagues, improve processes to make them more convenient, do productive work, and have fun together.

We’re on a mission to create an environment for engineering art amplification and inspire continuous search of nontrivial solutions together, for each business partner.
We build a company than no one wants to leave.
“One of Ralabs best achievements is the low turnover rate of the team”
Most of our senior engineers joined the company as trainees or juniors many years ago. This is something we are proud of, and team rotation will always be one of our key metrics.
We provide medical insurance, sports compensation, invite psychotherapists to talk about mental health and self-improvement. We train together weekly and take part in sports competitions.
Stay true to yourself and the others
Ugly or nice, we communicate all the information honestly in a team, in a company, to the clients and to ourselves.

We hold monthly digests, one on one meetings to share news and updates among colleagues. Also, we do love honest feedback, we collect it by conducting regular satisfaction surveys both for employees and customers.
Be your own CEO
We actively seek opportunities and best practices to improve your performance and skills, our client’s products, and company processes.

We are working hard to eliminate any bureaucracy as we grow. Employees' ideas are welcomed by the top management and the core team is actively involved in strategic planning and the decision-making process.
Do what really matters
Be productive, rather than busy. We enjoy a flexible remote schedule as we strive to maintain a perfect work-life balance.

Stay focused at work and fulfilled across all areas of our life. There is a mental health program available and we do enjoy company team-buildings and celebrations.
Work together, succeed together
Our mentorship program is driven by skilled employees who are ready to guide and educate.

We treat our teammates and clients with warmth and respect, share and receive constructive feedback, support other’s ideas and celebrate success.

We are giving out kudos to each other on a monthly company digest or whenever needed be.
Think "Partnership", Not "Service"
Our core goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and employees.

We opt for mutual success and plan for happily ever after.

As a software development agency, we invest our time and resources to make the client’s goal attainable, their products successful and our employees happy.

Ralabs Having Fun

On the New Year’s eve, Ralabs people dealt with a secret mission - The Agents Party. All the details are confidential. :)
Anton, our first developer, was celebrating 5 years at Ralabs. He loves Star Wars and Jagermeister. Guess what was in the box?
We love to spend time together: whether it's a cozy pizza and movie night or an outdoor barbecue party.
If you are long at Ralabs, be ready that one day we will memorize your funny phrases and create some stickers with you.
The Programmers’ Day = The Donuts Day!
Take beer, sunglasses, and good vibes only, and let’s chill on our summer Hippie Party!
Work hard, play hard, have fun on the corporate parties. :)
Don't be surprised if, on Halloween, you will meet the colleagues with scary makeup, drinking hot wine, and carving pumpkins.
Some of our engineers were rock stars in the past. But occasionally you may hear a guitar or even contrabass sounds near you.
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